Enhance your Hannover Messe experience
with our Innovation Talks

Join subject matter experts on the Schneider Electric booth for deep dive sessions and Q&As. Our 15-minute sessions run several times a day and are available in English and German.

By signing-up to an Innovation Talk, you will receive a calendar invitation as well as reminder emails closer to the event. Please note that limited seating is available on-site and is offered on a first-come first-served basis.

We have three Innovation Talks available

1 - Our resilient and sustainable future

The need for next-generation smart manufacturing is urgent. Industrial enterprises need more innovation, automation, eco-efficiency, and agility at all levels – not only for the sustainability of the planet but also for the sustainability of the businesses themselves. Join this Innovation Talk to learn:

  • How to increase your operational sustainability by digitally integrating energy and automation systems

  • Ways to grow responsible profitability with advanced analytics and industrial software

  • When to tap into domain experts for safety, efficiency, and sustainability

  • The cybersecurity topicsyou need to know right now

  • How to leverage an ecosystem of trusted partners to reach and surpass your operational goals

2 - Next generation industrial automation

The way goods and services are procured, produced, delivered, and consumed is increasingly driven by information technology. More work is done remotely. More interactions are digital. And more operations are automated. Thriving as a modern industrial operation requires a digital way of thinking, where software and data play starring roles. Join us to learn how to make your operation sustainable, agile, and resilient through secure software-centric industrial automation.


3 - Electricity 4.0 - Our fastest route to net zero

Over 80% of CO2 emissions are energy related and over 60% of energy is wasted. To tackle climate change, we need to make energy green and smart by creating a world that is more electric and more digital. Together with our customers, we are building a New Electric World that is powering our Homes, Buildings, Data Centers, Industries, Infrastructure, and Grids for a future that is more sustainable, more resilient, and more efficient.

In this talk, you will:

  • Discover how electricity makes energy green –it’s the most efficient energy and the best vector for decarbonization.

  • See how digital innovation makes energy smart, making the invisible visible to eliminate waste.

  • Learn how the four industrial revolutions have evolved in parallel with electrical revolutions.

  • See how we are helping our customers build the New Electric World everywhere
    and accelerating their journey to net zero.

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