• Discover plug-and-produce automation software to drive efficiency and resilience.
  • See how to reduce project risk with the next generation of low-voltage switchboards.



  • Get real-time load and source data to maximize energy consumption of essential equipment.
  • Explore how to proactively manage local, renewable energy production.

Data Centers

  • Reduce installation time and cost with a complete, secure IT infrastructure solution. 
  • View, benchmark, and assess IT infrastructure from anywhere.


  • Gain real-time control and management of multiple building systems.
  • Use data from IoT-connected switchgear to improve building efficiency.


  • See how a smart, all-in-one electrical panel can improve a home’s carbon footprint.
  • Monitor and optimize energy use with intelligent outlets, light switches, and more.


  • Experience the solutions to improve performance across the project lifecycle.
  • Find out how to incorporate sustainability into your business plan.

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