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This year we have endured a situation unprecedented in modern history. One which has challenged our notions of work and living spaces, and reshaped our vision of home. Now more than ever, interior designers need to respond quickly to disruptive trends and evolving demand. This is the only way to thrive in the new normal and beyond.

To address these topics, Schneider Electric is organizing an Innovative Talk webinar on November 19, 2020. Join us to hear design insights from renowned interior design blogger and author Frida Ramstedt, global biophilic design expert Oliver Heath, and Schneider Electric's SVP of Industrial Design, Frédéric Beuvry.

Confirmed Speakers

We have gathered some of the most renowned professionals in the industry to discuss the role of sustainable living in our future homes from an interior design perspective. Discover our list of esteemed speakers below:

Whdo we have in sAGAGENDAre for you?

•    Opening Remarks & Guest Introduction

•    Defining Home of the Future

•    Panel discussion

•    Open for Q&A

•    Closing Remarks

Get to know from experts                                 

-           Definition of sustainable living

-           What is sustainable interior design

-           Next steps within sustainable interior                    design   

-           Key trends for today’s home projects

-           How to create sustainable home                            projects        

-           How new trends in product design                        impact  company visions