An app for Industry?

Want to get your laundry dropped off and picked up? No problem, there is an app for that.

Don't like what’s available to eat at home? Well, don’t worry there is an app to order the food of your choice.

In our daily lives, we take it for granted that we have an app for everything and if we visit our app store of choice, we can download any app without worrying if it’s compatible with our phone or device. 

The IT world has moved fast enough to adapt and catch up with the ever-changing needs of the digital economy. Technological innovations and the internet have changed how business around the world gets done. Had it not been for standardization in the IT industry, we would not be able to run Windows or Linux on any computer, allowing ecosystems of knowledge and innovation to flourish. 

But want to know the biggest difference between Industry and IT?  

Industrial automation hasn’t changed much in the last 50 years and in a way, we’re living in a digital economy that is still under the constraints of a bygone era.  

People outside industry might be surprised to learn that you can’t use any automation system with any programming package. Or, that control applications written for one company’s platform usually won’t run on another company’s platform without at least a few ‘tweaks’.  

Want to hear the good news? Join us on June 21 to learn about our new solution, EcoStruxure Automation Expert. 

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Schneider Electric is leading the way with universal automation!

We are pushing for open, interoperable, portable and software-centric automation systems that will allow businesses to address the challenges of the digital world and thrive on innovation. 

Join us in eliminating the barriers of proprietary systems, with our latest next-generation industrial automation system, EcoStruxure Automation Expert. 

EcoStruxure Automation Expert will help you rethink engineering by taking a software-centric approach that:  

  • Decouples hardware from software 
  • Automates low-value engineering tasks, so engineers are free to innovate and focus on adding high value 
  • Provides rapid agility to process changes – so you can design and reconfigure processes on the fly 
  • Bridges the division between IT and OT systems, so you can create operational effectiveness we could only dream of a decade ago 
  • And best of all, It is vendor-agnostic 

Join us on June 21, 2023, to learn more about our new, innovative solution.