Innovation Summit Saudi Arabia 2023

June 13 – 14  |  Hilton Riyadh Hotel & Residences

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Staying competitive in today’s business environment, and creating a more sustainable Saudi Arabia and beyond, involves going all in on digitization. Here is the good news: Everything you need, to accelerate the transition to digital, electric energy, is available right now. Saudi Arabia Innovation Summit 2023 is the platform to transform that aspiration into transformative action.

We invite you to join us, alongside our partners and customers at Saudi Arabia Innovation Summit 2023. It is where we share knowledge, collaborate on new ideas together, and meet the subject matter experts from around the world.  Learn how software and cutting-edge technology is making the digital and electric world a reality across homes, buildings, data centers, industry, and infrastructure.

Experience first-hand how to design fully SUSTAINABLE and net-zero-energy data centers, how to build office buildings that uses 90 percent less energy, and homes that cut emissions by a factor of 10, and how to operate and maintain both new or decades-old manufacturing facility to become one of the most EFFICIENT and RELIABLE on earth.

The innovation is here. The time is now. Experience it at Saudi Arabia Innovation Summit 2023.

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Discover new strategies

Learn about the technology making data centers more sustainable, explore what it takes to power a true home of the future, and get other expert insights for buildings, data centers, industries, homes, partnerships, and infrastructure.

Join your peers

No one innovates alone. That's why Fortune 500 sustainability leaders and innovators from top tech companies will join us on stage.

See it all in person

Attend a customized off-site tour and get a behind-the-scenes look at what's powering Hilton Grand Hall Riyadh.

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Riyadh Hilton Hotel & Residences - Hilton Grand Hall


Stay with us at Riyadh Hilton Hotel & Residences! We’re thrilled to host Innovation Summit Saudi Arabia at Hilton Grand Hall Riyadh 

Set in a modern complex, this luxurious hotel is next to the upscale Granada Mall. It's 20 km from Al Burari heritage Park and the National Museum and just 24 km from King Khalid International Airport.

The hotel offers sleek, elevated experience with a seamless blend of luxury and technology. After spending your day's learning about the latest technologies and engaging with peers, you'll be able to kick back and relax at one of the most comfortable hotels in Riyadh city.